About Symphony Nova

What We Do:

Transform today’s aspiring orchestral musicians into tomorrow’s successful artists.

How we do it:

Symphony Nova seeks to create successful artists by reinforcing three core values:

  • Competition: Give members a competitive advantage in the job market by focusing their aspirations, utilizing their assets, and navigating today’s market realities.
  • Collaboration: Help musicians build strong relationships with a diverse and powerful group of people to expand their community.
  • Creation: “Learn by doing.” Encourage members to actively innovate and experiment with new ways of using their talents and skills.

Why we do it:

The number of students graduating music schools is staggering and has been increasing steadily for many years. Sadly, the employment opportunities in the classical music field haven’t kept pace. These people are passionate artists and have injected years of sweat, emotion, time, and money to pursue their love of music professionally. Their formal schooling was helpful but not enough to help them achieve professional satisfaction. Symphony Nova wants to help fill the gap between school and professional life. We don't want any of our musicians drop out of the industry because they cannot find enough work to support themselves.